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Trade marketing: El punto de venta, PDV, y la buena conexión con Andalucía

The point of sale and the good connection to Andalucia

A good Point Of Sale strategy is based on a good geographical distributionto reach the largest number of people. Geographical location can have two variants.

  • Localised, for those products that are more widely marketed in certain regions.
  • One that covers thewhole territory. In order to do so, it is important to take into account the locations where we want to promote the product, the centres that sell our catalogue or the influx of people in these retail or shopping centres.

For these national retail marketing strategies, how can we know which centres should be chosen to carry out an advertising action at the point of sale? Each product has its own needs and objectives to achieve, so it is important that a trade marketing agency like Grupo WDite helps.

But if there is one community that cannot fail in your strategy, it is Andalucia. Here are some facts that will convince you to include this autonomous community in your POS action.

Andalusia: the autonomous community with the most shopping centres in Spain

Andalucia is the most populated autonomous community in Spain (17.84% of the total population), surpassing even Catalonia (16.40%) and the Community of Madrid (14.29%). This brings us to the next fact: it is also the community with the highest number of shopping centres. It has a total of 113, 20% of the Spanish total, and 3 of them have a shopping area of more than 100,000 square metres (Nevada Shopping in Granada, Lagoh in Seville and La Cañada Shopping in Marbella).

Seville and Malaga, leaders in shopping centres

Seville and Malaga account for half of the Andalusian resorts. Despite this, the largest in the region is located in Jerez de la Frontera, in the Luz Shopping shopping park, which has a commercial area of 126,500 m², making it one of the 10 largest in Spain.

Distribution of shopping centres by province
Seville – 33
Málaga – 26
Cádiz – 18
Grenada – 9
Córdoba – 8
Almería – 7
Huelva – 7
Jaén – 5

Will shopping centres return to normal after Covid-19?

Although e-commerce has increased significantly since the state of alarm was decreed in March 2020, it is starting to tire a large part of Spaniards. Delays in the delivery of orders, saturation of warehouses due to a precipitous increase in stock and cancellations due to lack of stock, among other reasons, are taking their toll on the morale of the population.

According to market research conducted by Elogia in June 2020, 75% of Spanish consumers say they will return to their pre-pandemic online shopping habits. Many of them claim that they will even reduce the number.

That’s why 360° advertising and marketing agencies focus on shopping centres and the retail sector. We know that visibility at the point of sale is a key factor for brand visibility, so we can help you choose the best locations for your actions.

pdv for Anadalucia

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