Publicado el 28/06/2021
Guía de materiales sostenibles

Sustainable materials are everywhere and companies are adapting to the ECO change.

It is increasingly common to find the public dismissing a brand if they see that protecting the environment is not part of its values.

Sustainable, organic, ecological and ecofriendly are words that from now on have to be part of your strategy, underlined and in bold.

It is impossible to talk about POS and point-of-sale design without taking eco products into account. In 2021, customers are demanding sustainable materials. And understandably, why would they choose a brand without such materials when they can choose another brand that helps them reduce their carbon footprint?

Sustainable POS materials as your new ally

Implementing ecology in your project is not a difficult path to take. It is an advantage that adds differential value to your brand. We are not only talking about your brand image and the benefits it would bring to the public, but also about economic benefits.

It is clear that the environment has to be part of your corporate social responsibility if you want to have a brand that is well positioned in the consumer’s mind. It would not be the first time that the customer has rejected a brand for not being environmentally friendly enough.

This may not be the case for you, but it is understandable that, if you’ve been stumbling around, you may be a bit lost in the whole sustainable materials thing. Don’t worry, it’s never a bad time to start.

The use of PVC denotes little interest.

It is no secret that PVC is highly toxic to the environment. This thermoplastic is toxic not only during use, but also during production. In the production process, a series of toxins are emitted that pollute the air and water, systematically contaminating the environment and all the ecosystems that coexist in it.

We understand that it is the most established and seems the easiest to use, but this does not have to be the case.

What can I do to switch to ecofriendly plv?

This question is essential, and if you have asked it, you are already on the right track. From Grupo WDi we have created the definitive guidewith a list of the best sustainable materials for you to start using in your projects.

Creating innovative designs, disruptive displays and original stands does not have to be at odds with using sustainable materials. It can even save you money either because it is easier to implement, as is the case with front-applied adhesive paper, its light weight makes it easier to transport, as is the case with Abiplexboard, or its recyclability is fantastic for reuse in other projects.

Some ideas:

  • Incorporate the use of Beelitein your sales stands. This honeycomb board is light and robust and allows the creation of complex geometrical figures due to its easy handling.
  • It replaces PVC vinyls withEasy Dot PVC Freevinyl, a type of vinyl with R9 anti-slip certification. It is easy to apply and its digital printing provides a defined quality.
  • Use Samba FR polyester fabric tarpaulins. Environmentally friendly and biodegradable, these tarpaulins are 100% recyclable and can be shipped folded, thus reducing logistical costs.

These are some of the examples that can help you get an idea of small actions to implement in your projects. Retail-eco marketing has never been so easy!

Don’t forget to download the WDi guide to learn more about sustainable materials!

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