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Think Global Conference, an international trade conference

You can already reserve in your calendar from April 12 to 15, 2021, because International Trade Council   brings the most awaited event in International Trade  Think Global Conference  Industry experts from around the world will gather at the most anticipated online conference to share best business practices. Manufacturers, exporters, suppliers, wholesalers and retailers will be part of the best international trade conference for three days.

Think Global Conference, an international trade conference

From 12 to 15 April, the International Trade Council will bring together 175 speakers and 49 governments from around the world in what will be the world’s largest conference on international trade.  The Think Global Conference is an online conference in which manufacturers, international exporters of products, supply chain companies and industry professionals. come together to share best practices for success.

At the conference, you will be able to join private chat rooms to chat with other participants, visit virtual booths, participate in panel discussions, and even take part in breakout rooms.

In previous posts we have already talked about the advantages of online and hybrid events, and what better example than this one to demonstrate their effectiveness. This event will not only be virtual, but also interactive. Participants will be able to ask questions in real time to the speakers. During these three days, partners, customers and suppliers will come together to learn about different practices and build business relationships.

Conference on demand

Think Global Conference is designed to be attended from the comfort of your own home. Unfortunately, face-to-face events are limited, but theInternational Trade Council has not seen this as a problem, but as an opportunity.

Although three days sounds intense, the conference will be recorded and made fully available to participants for ninety days after the event. In this way, attendees can set the schedule they want and attend those presentations that are of interest to their business.

Think Global Conference, an international trade conference

The opportunity your business needs

The aim of the Think Global Conference is not only to help participants learn new practices from top experts, but also to help emerging businesses improve their skills and meet potential customers, suppliers and investors.

Through meeting rooms, live chats and panel discussions, speakers will be able to choose which topics to participate in to learn best practices and find new solutions to their business challenges.

Different themes and experts

During the three days, experts from more than 79 countries will discuss a range of topics relevant to investors, exporters, suppliers and partners. Among the topics to be discussed are:

  • Changes to the international trade lists
  • Foreign direct investment workshops
  • Due diligence
  • Trade finance
  • Supply chain management
  • Regulatory changes.

María Secades and Trade Marketing as content of value

On 15 April, Maria Secades, head of the New Business department at WDi Group, will join the International Trade Council. He will talk about the importance of Trade Marketing and how it can help emerging businesses to improve their visibility at the point of sale.

María Secades is in charge of ensuring that WDi Group customers have the best shopping experience. With a degree in Protocol and Event Management and a master’s degree in Marketing and Communication, María will explain to attendees the importance of a trade marketing agency helping companies. Aspects on how to develop a good strategy at the point of sale to make a difference and increase sales will be discussed.

Think Global Conference, an international trade conference
Think Global Conference Discount Code

If you want to learn more about the latest developments in international trade, at Wdi Group we have an exclusive code so you can enjoy it at the best price. By entering the code shown in the image you can attend The Think Global Conference 2021 with a 90% discount on the price. Book your appointment with Maria on 15 April at 14:30 pm (ESP) to learn more about trade marketing.. Don’t be afraid to ask him any questions, he’ll be answering them live!

Are you going to miss it?

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