Publicado el 29/06/2021
Brand experience - seducing new consumers

DEADLINES are getting closer and closer, we want ASAP reports, we have CALLS with customers and we are very interested in their FEEDBACK. Yes, even if you don’t work in English, more and more terms from Shakespeare’s language are becoming part of our daily lives.

Today we bring you 5 practices with English terminology that are making their way into the working vocabulary. Terms that encompass an idea, way of acting or trend that is leading to improvements in factors such as productivity, well-being and efficiency in companies.

Let’s go!

Social listening

More and more companies and agencies are joining social listening. It’s about listening to what people in your company are saying. We now listen to those opinions by monitoring social networks. We see how many comments we receive, what is said in them, how consumers act in the different social networks regarding our product…

For social listening to be effective, it is not enough just to have data, you have to analyse it and draw and apply conclusions and corrective actions. In short, listening has to be active. This will allow us to correct errors in real time if we see that an action is not working or is not being well received by people, for example.

Team building

I’m sure you’ve heard it many times. Companies are increasingly investing in creating team building experiences. Activities that are carried out by a working team to improve interpersonal relations. The better the working climate, the more likely it is that this will translate into good results.

Don’t know what activity to propose? We give you some ideas. Ideally, it should be fun and encourage interaction between all members. Escape rooms, yellow humour, Cluedo events, multi-adventure activities, cooking workshops… The list of options is enormous!


Does your company travel regularly? Then this term is of interest to you. Bleasure mixes the words Business and Pleasure. This new trend is all about making business travel more enjoyable. For this reason, it is increasingly common to see how workers are accompanied by their families to enjoy their free time, how activities or leisure areas are proposed in meetings or congresses… In short, fleeing from those trips in which everything was marathon working days, and opting for a more relaxed and relaxed working environment. The day is punctuated by breaks and activities that keep workers’ motivation high.

Training Friday

Many companies are committed to investing in the training of their employees. This is how Training Friday came about, although it could be any day of the week. Those who make it part of their routine tend to choose Friday as it is traditionally one of the days with the lowest workload, although this should be adapted to the rhythm of each company.

In these training days, you can choose to bring in a person to train employees in a specific subject, encourage employees to teach their colleagues in areas in which they are more skilled… In short, there is a commitment to continuous training that helps workers to grow and to have a continuous evaluation of their work.

Employer branding

In other words, the brand that a company presents as an employer. A concept that until a few years ago was only considered by large companies, but which is becoming more common among companies of all sizes.

If a company is recruiting, it is no longer just the CVs you receive that matter. People applying for the job want to know about you, to see the image you convey as a company and the values you communicate. If you have a positive image, more and more candidates will choose to work with you.

And you, did you know these terms? Are they carried out in your company?

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