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Selection of advertisements to remember, WDi Group selection

When we looked back over those ads to remember with special fondness, we missed many of them!

That’s why today we are sharing a second blog post with another selection of ads to remember by the WDi Group team. How many of them do you remember?


Miriam, director of new business, talks about two advertisements that touch our emotions directly.

This past Christmas (2018),IKEA stirred our consciences with the advert “#UnplugToConnect”. It questioned the dependence of a large part of the population on mobile phones. It is always a good time to remember this announcement. Are we really giving our loved ones the attention they deserve?

Via: IKEA Spain

“Do you like driving?”

BMW – “Do you like driving?” (2001). This claim has accompanied the German car brand for 15 years. A simple advert that caused more than one person to imitate the famous gesture when getting into the car. By the way, be careful not to keep making this gesture while driving! You can be fined with 80$ because you’re not in condition to drive your car and not having your two hands in the wheel

Vía: julietromeo777

AMSTEL: “My Friend Only You Find Firewood”.

Leticia(social media manager) relies on beverage brands for her choice of ads.

The first of these is an advertisement for the beer brand Amstel 2006. “AMSTEL: Amigo Mio Solo Tu Encuentras Leña” was one of a series of advertisements launched by the brewery using its brand name as an acronym: My Friend, If You Put On Hairspray; My Friend, You Are Always Entangled by Luisa; My friend, you are always smart. Simple melodies that accompanied us for a whole summer.

Vía: Fran Hermoso

“For all”.

Coca-Cola is once again one of the most remembered brands. In 2002, it launched its “For All” campaign. This spot was first launched in Argentina, but was so successful that it was soon adapted to other countries. It arrived in Spain, where it was decided to keep the Argentinian accent, one of the factors for which this advert is so well remembered. An ode to the differences between people with the image of the bottles. “For the fat. For the skinny. For the tall. For the short…”

Vía: Felix Muñoz

“What an idea”

David (designer) is left with two proposals based on humour.

David fondly remembers Movistar‘s “What an idea” campaign (2007). It used the song “Ma quale idea” by Pino D’Angio to advertise its free minutes promotion. With a disco beat, they managed to communicate one of the first promotions in Spain to offer free minutes to their customers, a reflection of what most current mobile phone tariffs have become.

Vía: Lions LL


Balay wanted to advertise its silent extractor hoods in an original way. A kitchen, a bird… and the rest we leave you to discover for yourselves.

Vía: Elaina Fernández


Maria (account executive) still knows the words to the following song by heart. In 1999, Nenuco used a catchy jingle that many millennials still remember to this day to advertise its twin car.

Vía: KekaGoblin0607


Laura (administration) is keeping a classic.

We rarely remember the ingredients of the products we consume. But if we talk about Nocilla, the recipe comes out of the blue. Milk, cocoa, hazelnuts and sugar. Here is one of their advertisements from 1982 where their famous jingle was already used.

Vía: Mindundis

Did you enjoy your trip? These are ads to remember for a lifetime! We hope you have enjoyed this journey through nostalgia and memories of years gone by.

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