Publicado el 29/06/2021
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The checkout lines of Carrefour supermarkets were the first in Spain to be completely decorated with the image of a brand.

As we all know and have experienced first-hand, once we have finished shopping and have our trolley full, it’s time to head to the checkout lines.

Numerous products and temptations await us while it is our turn to pay.

For supermarkets and hypermarkets, the checkout line is a vital hotspot, as its main function is to “put the icing on the cake” for our purchases.

They create in us the need to buy the products they contain: chocolates, jelly beans, batteries, magazines, razors, snacks…

However, the checkout line is not only of interest to supermarkets and hypermarkets, but many brands are looking for a privileged place to display their products.

The ideal for brands is to place their merchandise in an original and eye-catching way, in order to make shoppers’ waiting time more pleasant while at the same time exerting a great power of seduction on them.

Supermarket checkout lines

A good example of this is the decorations we carried out in November 2017 in the main Carrefour centres in Spain.

At Grupo WDi we were pioneers in creating this exclusive decoration for a brand in a place that is traditionally occupied by various brands and products.

This box line decoration consisted of the following elements: an arch,floor displays, a floor vinyl and decorative vinyls for the boxes.

It is a very eye-catching decoration that is visible to the consumer from almost anywhere in the point of sale.

Supermarket checkout lines

This type of decoration offers benefits for everyone: for the points of sale themselves, as well as for aumentar sus ventas, ofrecen algo diferente y llamativo a sus compradores; para la marca expositora supone un aumento en sus ventas y The brand is introduced to those who do not yet know about it; and finally for consumers, who are offered a new product while enjoying an attractive and, why not say it, amusing decoration.

Can you imagine such a decoration for your brand? We make it possible.

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