Publicado el 29/06/2021
trade marketing: post on the importance of POS managers, created by Grupo WDi

POS managers, or Point of Sale Managers, are key to the success of our retail campaigns and promotions.

When it comes to planning our actions at points of sale, there are clients who do not take into account a key element that ensures their success. We are talking about the GPVs. Point of sale managers are of great importance and that is why we dedicate this article to them.

But what is it and what are the functions of a GPV?

point of sale manager infographic, GPV

Point of sale managers are professionals who act as a link between brands and the end customer through the point of sale. They are in charge of taking the retail pulse, detecting the basic needs of the point of sale, making sure that there is no shortage of product and that it is correctly displayed, among other functions.

If we want to implement a good strategy, we must give this position the importance it deserves. Through them we can get first-hand consumer feedback. They are also responsible for verifying that the agreements reached with the areas are carried out in accordance with the stipulated conditions. All these factors lead to an increase in sales through better management of available resources.

GPVs are characterised by great initiative and proactivity. Improve brand visibility by managing available materials and ordering replenishment.

At Grupo WDi we have the perfect GPV to complement your retail strategy and make your actions a resounding success. Shall we talk?

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