Publicado el 30/06/2021
Trade marketing - point-of-sale brand activation - point-of-sale promoters


One of the strengths of the WDi Group is the organisation of point-of-sale demonstrations of new products.

For this type of action, it is vital to choose the right venue, the days on which the event will take place and the creative techniques that will ensure that the attendees have a satisfactory experience.

The target audience of the event must be taken into account, it is not the same to address adults as children or men as women, as each target has different expectations and needs.

Advantages of demonstrations

The advantages of holding an event such as point-of-sale demonstrations are clear:

  • Better product positioning is achieved
  • Aumenta las ventas sobre él
  • Remembrance in the minds of shoppers
  • The importance a consumer attaches to that brand over its competition.
  • Among others

In order for all this to take place, the design of the materials to be used for the event is very important. These materials must be eye-catching to attract the public.

Early announcement of the demonstration also helps to increase the flow of consumers.

For this purpose, it should be advertised mainly on social media and on the websites of the brand and the centre.

Depending on how we want to organise the event, different resources will be needed.

Most commonly, it is a promoter who prompts customers to interact and who has the promotional material that triggers participation.

It is also very important to note that all events must be approved by the point of sale where they take place.

To encourage participation, various actions can be carried out such as games, product promotions…

It is also important to know the acceptance of the event and what its strong points have been, both to make the brand aware of it and to improve future actions.

This requires the person carrying out the action to fill in a form, previously prepared, detailing key points and data.

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