Publicado el 30/06/2021
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Many brands focus on selling more but forget about design at the point of sale to be remembered.

Brands often focus on having many products available in as many outlets as possible, but often forget how important trade and design at the point of sale and communication with consumers is.

Having a lot of products on display at the point of sale is fine, but a lack of visibility or good POS materials in trade with an eye-catching design can lead to consumers being attracted to competing products, which can translate into a point against the brand and a decrease in sales.

At WDi Group, we always recommend that our clients consider carrying out trade marketing, since advertising in the media has its advantages, but it should always be accompanied by a call for attention at the point of sale itself, since it is often there that the customer makes the final purchase decision.

The implementation of a good Trade Marketing strategy will not only increase sales, but also brand recognition, brand presence and subrand awareness among consumers.

As mentioned above, many of the purchase decisions are made at the point of sale itself and although many of these are motivated by prior advertising exposure, a very significant number are the result of the attributes of the point of sale.

This is where POS(Point of Sale Advertising) elements take on great importance, these elements must be eye-catching, understandable, memorable and strategically distributed materials.

They can range from the simplest ones such as trays (on which the product is placed), stoppers or pallet covers to the most sophisticated ones that can even include technology, lights, etc.

The advantages of good design at the point of sale are clear: greater visibility, greater presence, more brand recall, added value, more quality and, above all, more product sales.

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