Publicado el 30/06/2021
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Ze García opens Barcelona Fashion Week with his collection “Millennial Couture”.

Last January 29th, José María García González (current designer of Ze García) carried out the opening fashion show of the 21st edition of the 080 Barcelona Fashion Week with his collection “Millennial Couture”.

To this end, Ze García, chose no more and no less than thirteen Spanish influencers, youtubers and instagramers with more renown of the current scene: Dulceida, Laura Escanes, Goicoechea, Madame de Rosa, Patry Jordán, Marta Riumbau, Carla Hinojosa, Michelle Salas, Marta Lozano, Maria Pombo, Nina Urgell, Inés Arroyo y Gigi Vives were the chosen ones.

The fashion show, which featured a collection of evening gowns and wedding dresses, was full of that “millennial” magic that the designer himself exudes. And it was widely followed and supported on RRSS with different hashtags.

As the designer himself has confessed on more than one occasion, the wedding dresses presented in this fashion show have been created under the influence of one of the designer’s most cherished objects of desire: hisBarbie dolls, which he always loved to dress.

In addition to making his dream of seeing the aforementioned influencers parade their creations come true, Ze García saw another of his dreams come true: to collaborate with Barbie.

Barbie gave the designer the chance to design his own doll, joining the group of designers who have dressed the iconic doll. As it could not be otherwise, Ze García designed a fantastic wedding dress, following the line of the dresses presented by the influencers.

Ze García opens Barcelona Fashion Week with his collection "Millennial Couture".

As usual, after the fashion show, a cocktail party was held, to which many Spanish influencers, models and people from the fashion world were invited and… this is where Grupo WDiest was present!

Mattel commissioned us to design and manufacture an eye-catching photocall in the purest “Barbie packaging” style so that the guests could feel like a doll.

Many people passed through our photocall, who also wanted to share the fun photos on their social networks, such as the model Patricia Gómez. And you… what do you think about our Barbie photocall for Ze García’s post-show party?

Ze García opens Barcelona Fashion Week with his collection "Millennial Couture".

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