Publicado el 10/09/2021
Experiencia del Consumidor

At Grupo WDi we already know that the consumer experience is the most important thing when it comes to buying a product. Because yes, the experience doesn’t end at the cash register; it’s taken home and blown up.

A few weeks ago Marketing Directo talked about the IKEA effect, or what Trade and Brand Experience agencies call user experience. In this article we could read about how psychology influenced the consumer when using a product after purchasing it.

He was referring to General Mills’ Betty Crocker cakes, and how they stopped using eggs in their cake mixes, forcing users to use fresh eggs, and thus getting the feel of cooking.

With this small change, consumer satisfaction increases. Consumers feel like creators while proudly contemplating their work, i.e., what we commonly know as positive reinforcement. In this way he himself has been involved in the whole process of the product, feeling the whole experience, which, instead of ending up at the checkout line at the point of sale, ends up inside his own home.

The IKEA effect, what exactly is it.

Hence the term ”IKEA effect’‘, coined by Harvard Business School in 2011. The Swedish company thrives on this user experience as part of its brand identity. Its products have an added value because they are assembled by the user himself, who has managed to build his house manually.

It gives everyone an extra sense of satisfaction to see how, despite having screws left over, we have put up a four-door closet. So why not take the IKEA effect into account in our marketing actions?

User experience is nothing but fundamental in Brand Experience. Sometimes, in brand experiences we can get stuck with the traditional. Use the elements of the environment to create an atmosphere in which the consumer feels immersed.

But to go one step further is to get ahead of the future, as General Mills or IKEA did at the time. Creating interactive campaigns is a key point in marketing strategies, making the consumer create a relationship with your product and your brand, and always keep in mind the satisfaction that this produces.

Brand Experience to increase engagement.

Brands that implement Brand Experience in their strategy have a high level of loyalty from their consumers, which increases their relevance and therefore their competitiveness.

But what are the ways to increase engagement through user experience?

  • Interactive campaigns. Appeal to your consumer’s competitiveness and create games that challenge them to participate. When he gets a reward in exchange for the interaction, a positive reinforcement linked to your brand is created in his mind. In our last post we talked about types of promotions you can implement in your campaign.
  • Changes in packaging. Creative packaging always attracts more attention than traditional packaging. But creating a packaging whose design needs the consumer to interact with it, brings the point-of-sale experience home, and makes the consumer a part of the brand.
  • Create events that revolve around the consumer. They are in charge and they need to know it and let others know it. Fairs, contests… all of these are part of the Brand Experience and are the most effective when it comes to building consumer loyalty, since the memory they have of your brand remains in their memory for a long time.

Actually, there are hundreds of ways to enhance the brand and user experience so that your consumer becomes an absolute fan of your brand.

Just as General Mills knew it, so do we, and that’s why we want to help you. With Grupo WDi get your consumers to experience that feeling of satisfaction that we have talked so much about today, and don’t miss the opportunity to become a Brand Experience King.


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