In Grupo WDI we have very clear the importance and the benefits of doing  corporative events both internally and externally. This actions result an indispensable resource of communication, that allows the Company to communicate  information, values or changes in the Company, with the intention of gerenating a responce from the audience.

Our team is specialist in doing this kind of events, spending our efforts and attention  on all the details. Our last case of success to highlight is the one desiged for Bing, searching an increase in the invesment from the tourism sector to reinforce investment the summer campaing.

The experience consisted in a 24 hour event, in which we should coordinate the whole day of sessions with different activities for the guests so they have a rewarding experience.Our mission was to ensure that all the guests had enjoyed and had felt the essence of Bing with a wonderfull experience.  The event took place last 20th april in Barcelona. The guest could stay at W hotel Barcelona. A flote of private cars (Bing car´s) carry them to the Moritz Factory, where the strong part of the event took place: Welcome cocktail, lectures and presentations, product demostratrions, networking, guided tours…


At the end of the activities, each guest received a “Memory kit” as a souvenir of the day.



To conclude the day, the guests could enjoy an exclusive dinner at Xalet de Montjüic, one of the most emblematics restaurants in the city, known for the excelent mediterranean cuisin and the amizing views from the panoramic terrace. To ensure the confort of all the guest, we offered the posibility of choising 4 different menus.


All this factos made that  the guest had  a very good experience and that the could understand all the services and advantages that Bing offers.