The 21st of September is celebrated Alzheimer’s Day, in which is made known the disease and the information needed to deal with it, with to raise people’s awareness about the disease and achieve more support.

It is known how much suffer Alzheimer’s patients, but sometimes, we forget the family and Friends who fight everyday for them,. the caregivers.

Thats why from Grupo WDI, we wanted to focus the attention of this campaign in those caregivers, and thank you to the opportunity that Post-it (3M Brand) and CEAFA brought to us, we design the campaing:
With “C” of caregiver.

In this campaign, we have put all our efforts to enhance the caregiver figure and call the attention of the most people possible.

We did not want a usual campaign that people watch, get excited and forget about it next day. This time we wanted that the people participated in the campaign and help us to share it.

How could us succeed on it? It is something easy as we live in the social media world.

We elaborated diptychs and send them to a lot of people. In those diptych, people found Post-it and instructions to make a heart with them, and they only had to make a photo of themselves with the heart and share it on the social media.

Here, you can see the video of the campaig:

You just have to make your own heart with “C” caregiver and share it in your social media with the hastag #conCdeCuidador