When we talk about an integral campaign or 360 Campaing, we talk about a strategy that can by done in diferent media… the goal of this campaigns is to touch the consumers, achiving that they recieve the message in an effective way.

The fisrst step to plan this kind of strategy is to define our target and to planify all the steps to obtaing an effective result. It is very important to have in mind that although there are diferent media to transmmit the message, it has to be the same in every channel, and it has to be different and original in every format.
Last christmast, Grupo WDI has been lucky to design and carry out the christmas campaing for Scotch ( 3M brand). This campaign had the following parts:
– Street Marketing in Madrid and Barcelona.
– Presence in supermarkets all over Spain.
– Presence in specific points of sale.
– Presence in the social media.
– Present in the press.

For the Street Marketing Campaign, we create a Santa Claus workshop in a van that was moving in Madrid and Barcelona. This van stopped in strategic points according with the target and it offered diferent activities. In Madrid, we count on with the colaboration of Gema, known influencer from the blog “Tarro de ideas”., click here aquí
Campaña 360 Scotch

An action was develop in the point of sale: Different Christmas elves where in different cents in Spain, giving advise and special gifts to all the shoppers.

To be able to develop all the actions, it was neccesary to design different element, as information leaflets, customized gift wrap, Stickerss for the gifts , banners…




Without any doubt, this campaign generated brand awareness in Scotch costumers.