We came back from Malaga with two Agripina awards!

The Humor and Street marketing categories have already got a winner: Grupo WDi! Both our projects delivered for 3M Spain have won.

Last 30th November the ceremony of 7th edition of the Agripina awards took place in Malaga (Spanish festival of Advertising, Marketing and Communication) in which ad creativity, marketing strategies and communication campaigns were awarded. In this 7th edition 246 campaigns from 64 different Spanish agencies were presented.

In our first year we presented 4 projects in 4 different categories:

Amongst these four projects, three of them were finalist in their categories: Humor, marketing promo and street marketing. In the end, only two of them were the winners.

Wash your bill (Scotch-Brite® – 3M): Winner project in the Humor category.

With this fun Project, our objective was to take the Scotch-Brite® brand to the street, in an environment where the target market wasn´t expecting to bump into it. So, we went to the four most rated restaurants in Madrid by young people to throw them this challenge: You can pay your bill or…Wash it!

After a brief “shock” there was a lot of laughter: “You wash it! you wash it!”, “I can´t believe it!” and “Is this for real?”… but in the end, everyone took the step forward to wash their bill in front of our cameras. The result was really funny: the participants put on their chef hats, aprons and gloves to polish the plates and glasses while joking around. And, obviously, they won a free dinner.

Experts in wrapping up presents (Scotch® – 3M): The winner project in the Street Marketing category. 

In this case, the challenge was to design a 360º strategy for the stationary brand Scotch® during Christmas 2016. Our intention was “to wrap up” customers so our campaign message got to them clearly and efficiently. Therefore, we carried on a number of campaigns all around Spain, appearing on: press, supermarkets, shopping centers and social networks…And, of course, the main element of the campaign: our Street Marketing proposal.

For the Street Marketing campaign, we took an actual “Santa´s workshop” on wheels in Madrid and Barcelona. Such workshop was stopping at strategic points connecting with the target market and offering different activities and workshops. In addition, in Madrid, we collaborate with Gema (from the blog “El tarro de ideas”), a well-known influencer specialized on DIY and stationary who helped interested people with advice, demos and gifts…

Our crowns can´t wait to see you again next week!

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