In Grupo WDI we love to surprise… And Christmas is the perfect time to do it!
As you all know, we are the Kings and in this days, we have a super important misión.. make the world a little happier, giving presents and surprises. That is why, this year we have though in surprising our client with a funny and original present.
In Grupo WDI, we see the christmas present as a perfect way of communication, a way of getting closer to the clients, to surprise and to resume relations… Why? Because if we awake hopes in the clients, and give them a little bit of positivity, it is and effective way to create a strong relationship. Also… everybody likes to receive presents. Doesn´t matter the reason why!

For that reason, we propose something different: We ask our clients to forget for a minut about commitments of this days and to spend time in themselves with our help, of course. But this is not a common gift, and if they want to discover our present… they must sent an email to a new account, created just for this reason.


What will it beeeeeeeeee?