It is undeniable the power and the influence that the kids have in the purchase decision in the adults, and it is a fact that we show predisposition to purchase those brands and produts that the kids like.
For that reason, in the last years marketing to children, has achieved lot of importance in the company´s strategies. To be able to develope campaign and action, that call the attention of the children we can not forget their way to understand the world, their likes and that their ways of communication are different from the adults one´s.
In general, there are some “tricks” that always (or almost always) work with the children as: the use of their favourite characters, gifts, shows in the point of sale, the decoration of the space, experiences with the Brand, gamification, etc.
Today we are going to focus on the concept of “gamification”… What is this? Why does it have so good results?. The gamification, isn´t more,than applaying the techniques of the game in a playful context, as the point of sale, with the goal of enhance customer loyalty, by making them interact with the game.
Kids love to play, and that is why we can say that the gamification is a good method to get closer to them . Through the proposed games, we have to promote always positive values for them as the motivation, the effort , the team work… For the succes of the action with the children, it is very important to have a goal and specified rules, and, if posible, to include a gift so they will feel that they are playing for something (reason why).

As an example we can talk about our game “Turn off the heat with fireman Sam”. In this game we encourage the children to help fireman Sam to turn off the heat from the Windows of a building, the children had to try to throw the flames with balls. Just for playing, they achieved a magazine of the toy and a medal with their names.

Ejemplo de gamificacion en el punto de venta con Sam el bombero

This activation was a completely succes, as it got achieved call the attention of the childres through a funny game that at the same time informed the parents about the characteristics of the products, which meant an increase in the sells.