Experts say that there are a lot of reason for changing the corporate image of a Company: because it has stablished, for a change in the name, to change perception, to promoto a change of strategy, to build new business lines…

In our case, we did it for many reasons … those who know us, know that we can not being still. One of the characteristics that defines better Grupo Wdi is that we can not stop. This energy and our desire to go beyond has always given us great joys, thats why we hope that this image change will come with a lot of joys more.

During last years, we have grown thanks to the hard work and the trust of our clients. With the new image we want to transmit this, keeping our essence (we are still the “kings”) but we are renewing our “look”. We hope that with the launch of our new website, we will be able to transmit our insatiable appetite for work , our optimism and our vitality.

Once more… WE DID IT!