If there is something in Grupo WDI that we really like is to spend time to develop funny and atractive proyects that help the Brands to achieve their goals. And, of course, we also love that our clients trust in us for this kind of proyects.

As fruit of this trust, we received a briefing very potent and with lot of posibilities from Scotch Brite (3M Brand), brand that once more put itself in our hands to surprise the public. And this is how born: Wash your bill.

Before revealing the surprise… you can see this video.


People did not know, but in many restaurand in Madrid, something was happening..
Our cameras and micros were strategically located, the waitresses (accomplices) ready in their places, … and the people started to get into the venues, for what the expected as a normal dinner, but when they asked for the bill…. Surprise!

Our dear guests received a special Scotch Brite scouring sponge, with a particular message: Do you want to wash you bill? Do wash the dishes.

After a short shock moment, laughs arrived… and finally everybody “washed their bill” in front of the cameras.
The result was really funny: The implicants put on their cap, apron and gloves and they washed all the dishes. Their Prize was the dinner for free.

As you will have seen, it was a very funny action and with a huge impact.