Publicado el 29/06/2021
benefits of a 360° marketing strategy according to WDi Group

Everyone talks about 360° marketing, but what does this marketing strategy really encompass? When we talk about 360-degree marketing, we are talking about marketing that uses all the tools, elements and resources available (both to the agency and the client) to get closer to the end client, with the ultimate aim of creating value.

At Grupo WDisomos we are experts in this type of strategy. In the following, the benefits of using this type of campaign will be explained, using the case of Scotch-Brite® as an example. The famous brand of cleaning utensils trusted WDi Group to carry out its annual 360 marketing campaign in 2018.


  1. Generate new opportunities for the brand. By pooling all the company’s communication channels, we make it possible to locate the status of the company’s relationships, which enables us to find new ways of doing business. We promoted the Scotch-Brite® Facebook page and online communication to reflect the benefits of the product and educate on how to use it. At the same time, actions such as those carried out through street marketingboosted awareness of our product among a public for whom we were little known.
  1. Establish the common objective by ordering the different goals and activities to be carried out. In this case, the common thread throughout the campaign was to celebrate the brand’s 60th anniversary. To do so, we used both online andofflinechannels to raise awareness of this celebration among the brand’s target audience.
  1. Brand value is enhancedby creating a recognisable identity. The use of the same corporate image and the same claim in all the actions carried out promoted the growing value of Scotch-Brite® as a brand.
  1. We managed to homogenise the company’s messages, thus obtaining better customer retention. Using the company’s famous claim, “I can’t do without it”, we leveraged this message so that both the brand’s native generations and new potential customers would recognise the brand under a slogan that enhances the product’s credibility.
  1. Increases cross-selling and sales volume. To boost this cross-selling, we decorated a stand for the brand located in the supermarket area dedicated to the sale of dishwashing products.

Thanks to this action, sales of the product increased by moving the product out of its natural area at the point of sale and reminding consumers of the need to buy scouring pads to wash their dishes.

360° strategy
  1. It increases trust in the brand. Scotch-Brite® demonstrated this with the “I can’t do without her” campaign, a campaign dedicated to mothers, which increased trust in the brand, as it was related to the trust that a person has in their mother, generating a family image that favours the closeness of the product.
360° strategy
  1. The company culture is significantly improved. This was reflected in the corporate responsibility actions that were carried out, in which many of its employees were involved in a very positive way. One of these actions was carried out in the social canteen El Refugio, where a Christmas dinner and food distribution for the most disadvantaged population sector in the city of Madrid. The commitment and involvement of Scotch-Brite® employees was fundamental to the success of this action.

If you also need a 360º strategy to boost your brand, talk to us. Through WDi Group‘s comprehensive services, we give your company the boost it needs to become the benchmark brand that everyone admires.

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