Publicado el 30/06/2021
Premios Agripina awards two prizes to WDi Group

The humour and street marketing categories already have a winner: Grupo WDi! Our projects, both realised for 3M Spain, have been selected as winners. We won 2 Agripina Awards!

On 30 November last, the seventh gala of the “The Agripina Awards (Spanish Festival of Advertising, Marketing and Communication) in which advertising creativity, the dissemination of marketing strategies and advertising and communication campaigns for goods and services were awarded and recognised. A total of 246 campaigns from 64 agencies and advertisers from all over Spain were submitted for this seventh edition.

In our first year we presented 4 projects in 4 different categories:

  • Wash your account (Scotch-Brite® – 3M): Humour
  • Barbie “You can be anything you want to be” (Barbie – Mattel): Promotional Marketing
  • Gift Wrapping Experts (Scotch® – 3M): Street Marketing
  • EMEA Travel Summit (Bing – Microsoft): Events

Of these four projects, three were finalists in their categories: humour, promotional marketing and street marketing. In the end, 2 of them were the winners:

Wash your account (Scotch-Brite® – 3M): winning project in the humour category

With this fun project, our aim was to bring the Scotch Brite brand to the street, in an environment where the target audience does not expect to encounter it. To do so, we went to 4 of the restaurants in Madrid that are most highly rated by young people to challenge them: do you pay the bill or… wash it?

After a brief moment of “shock” came the laughter, the “you wash it, you wash it”, the “I don’t believe it”, the “is this real? The result was really funny: the “dupes” donned their hats, aprons and gloves and polished the crockery amidst laughter and jokes. And, obviously, they won their free dinner.

Agripina Awards WDi Group

Gift Wrapping Experts (Scotch® – 3M): winning project in the Street Marketing category.

In this case, the challenge was to create a 360º strategy for the Scotch® stationery brand during Christmas 2016. Our intention was to “engage” consumers by getting the campaign message across to them in a clear and effective way. To do so, we carried out numerous campaigns all over Spain, appearing in the press, hypermarkets and supermarkets, stationery shops, rrss… And, of course, the central axis of the campaign: our Street Marketing proposal.

For the Street Marketing campaign, we took the authentic “Father Christmas Workshop” on wheels to the streets of Madrid and Barcelona. The workshop made stops at strategic points, connecting with the target audience and offering different activities and workshops. In addition, in Madrid, we had the collaboration of Gema (from El tarro de ideas), a blogger very committed to DIY and stationery issues who helped those interested with advice, demonstrations, gifts…

Agripina Awards WDi Group

As could not be otherwise, the “kings” went to collect our prizes in our best clothes… crowns included! We don’t go unnoticed… and we love that. For the WDi Group team it has been an unforgettable experience, so much so that… We are already preparing for the eighth edition!

Our crowns are looking forward to seeing you again next year!

Agripina Awards WDi Group

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