Publicado el 29/06/2021
Solidarity clients

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is the voluntary and active contribution that companies make to social, economic, environmental and human rights improvement. In other words, the more supportive side of business. All those actions that seek to improve the world around them.

At WDi Group, more and more clients are allocating part of their marketing budget to Corporate Social Responsibility actions. The following is a summary of some of the most outstanding projects we have carried out in recent years.

With C for Caregiver – Post-It

with c for carer - WDi

In 2016 we did a campaign with a lot of heart for the brand Post It. On the occasion of International Alzheimer‘s Day (21 September), we launched a challenge on social networks with the collaboration of CEAFA to support caregivers. If you want to remember it, click here to access the blog post where we talked about it.

Care Campaign – Scotch-Brite® 60th Anniversary

Scotch-Brite® celebrated its 60th anniversaryin 2018 with a lot of surprises and actions. But he did not want to leave his more social side behind. This is why they launched their Cuida campaign. They organised a Christmas dinner in a Madrid soup kitchen so that disadvantaged people could enjoy a special dinner. In addition, all attendees received a souvenir bag, which included 3M products and Iberian sausage.

Elves in Lapland – Scotch

As part of the “Elves in Lapland” campaign during Christmas 2018, we visited a hospital. Dressed up as the elves that were the image of all the actions, part of the 3M and WDiGroup team visited the children and presented them with various gifts from Father Christmas.

elfos en Laponia, campaña de marketing del Grupo WDi

Gift wrapping experts – Scotch

At Christmas 2017, we carried out the Expert gift-wrapping action with Scotch. Among the different actions, we visited an orphanage where the children were visited by elves loaded with gifts for all of them.

WDi Group

We didn’t want to be left behind either, and we have been working with the Cudeca Foundation on a regular basis since the very beginning. This foundation from Malaga is dedicated to Cancer Care, and from the agency we collaborate with them, helping them with their graphic image, posters and everything that makes their work easier.

Cudeca- WDi Foundation

At WDi we can help you with your Corporate Social Responsibilityactions. Shall we talk?

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