Publicado el 06/09/2021

Yes, it’s true, you got us, we are fans of macro exhibitions. But they really work, it’s been proven. It’s not that we want to be flattering, but all the point-of-sale campaigns we’ve run involving macro-exhibitions have had incredible results.

But why? Well, the list could go on and on, but we could sum it up in one simple sentence: if you’re going to do something, do it big. However, today we feel like exploring this world a little more and that’s why we are going to tell you what are the 5 main advantages of running a campaign with macroexhibitions.

Improve brand visibility

The main objective of any kind of point-of-sale advertising, not only macro displays, is to improve brand visibility. However, it is true that innovating in this area is becoming increasingly difficult and it could be difficult to stand out in a sea of POPs that other brands have produced.

This is where the importance of running campaigns with macro-exhibitions comes in. Creating an innovative, striking and eye-catching design may seem like hard work, but the results are always positive.

Macro displays give us the opportunity to theme and personalise the point of sale, either for the product that your brand is promoting, or for the occasion of a festival or event, such as this macro display for the Malaga Fair of Victoria beers.

With this type of piece, the consumer is attracted to the brand, generating enough impact to remember its name, logo or the promoted product and remaining a reference for future purchases.

Differentiate yourself from your competition in unimaginable ways

One of the most striking advantages of creating a macro is the opportunity to take the brand off the shelf, having a unique space for your campaign. In this way, differentiating yourself from the competition is inevitable, it goes beyond having a good design or hostesses who interact with consumers, occupying a space that only belongs to your brand.

In this way, the consumer does not have to overexert himself comparing brands and facing the purchase decision; unconsciously it will be your macro that he will turn to in the first instance.

It is the perfect opportunity to differentiate yourself from your competition and win a corner in the minds of your consumers.

Attracting consumers’ attention to the products we want to highlight

Occupying space for a POS campaign is already an influential factor in capturing the attention of consumers as they walk through the supermarket. However, they can often go unnoticed and do not translate into the expected sales of the product we wanted.

With a macro-exhibition, we reduce the chances of being invisible in the eyes of the consumer, and direct them directly to where we want them to go, showing them the product in a more direct way. This was the case with Johnson & Johnson’s princess castle-shaped macro-display for its Glitter Drops launch.

Johnson's macro-exhibition

Showcasing new products in an innovative way

The use of macro displays allows for an infinite number of opportunities when promoting a product. From a stand with illuminated signs, to an entire brand experience with interactive displays, hostesses who control the campaign, interact and offer consumers the possibility of sampling or even create games.

For Brand Experience campaigns, this type of exposure is always the way to go.

Ideal for increased sales

The size and the infinite design possibilities offered by macro displays are ideal for creating a complete sales campaign, grouping together different product lines of your brand, or complementary products to your brand, increasing the sales of your products significantly.

Factors such as the ease of access for your consumer to your product and other complementary products without having to go around looking for them, the possibility of making an even more disruptive and original design, creating a more striking macro or the ease of differentiation between campaigns (making it easier to stay in the consumer’s mind), are some of the key points of the macro.

Macros offer us a number of opportunities that remain to be explored and exploited.

From Grupo WDi we want to help you to try, at least once (we know it won’t be just once), the sensation of creating a macroexhibition that is the queen of the whole point of sale. If this sounds like a good idea, don’t hesitate to contact us, we have things ready for you.

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