Publicado el 06/09/2021

We’ve all heard someone say “I’m not downloading TikTok, that’s for kids”. And if you haven’t heard it, it’s probably because you said it. Something that evolved from its former app, Musical.ly, where lip syncing was all the rage, into one of the most powerful apps out there right now in a matter of two years.

Nobody expected the boom of this application, but it was during 2020 and the quarantine that everything exploded. Millions of idle users started downloading TikTok for ”pranking” and found themselves spending hours and hours in front of their phones, being flooded with a huge amount of content.

And brands were quick to see that. It was exactly one year ago that the platform started to make space for them to advertise. Faced with a generation that demands immediate, fast and massive content, brands have had to change their strategy and define their communication much more in order to reach their audience.

Generation Z is leading the change

It is Generation Z that has been able to revolutionise the way we communicate, creating content in less than a minute that goes viral and is followed by millions of people around the world. TikTok’s algorithm, which offers you randomised videos based on the topics you like and are trending, offers an important help.

But what do we mean by Generation Z leading change? TikTok is the third most influential factor (39%, after 59% of recommendations from family and friends) in zentenialls’ product purchase decisions. After this goes, surprise, surprise: the point-of-sale display.

So, knowing this, it is not surprising that brands have considered moving their communication to this platform.

However, 32% of TikTok users are between the ages of 24 and 34, and every day, more adults are joining the popular platform, joining challenges, trends and creating content for their generation: the millennials. And there is even a small percentage of baby boomers who enjoy using the app.

Brand Lift Study

Following the rise of brands running campaigns on TikTok, the platform has decided to launch Brand Lift Study, a tool to monitor the influence and impact of such campaigns.

Seeing the influence that TikTok has on consumers when it comes to buying and testing products, and knowing (thanks to Kantar Group) that it is the platform where users have the best experience with advertising campaigns, it was only a matter of time before the need to measure the data arose.

Kantar will be the data verification partner in charge of this task, ensuring complete transparency.

El Corte Inglés has been the guinea pig in Spain, as it was the first to test Brand Lift Study, exceeding the engagement rate in its Christmas advertising campaign by more than 13%.

It is the perfect time for brands to join TikTok in creating new and disruptive campaigns, reaching a large part of Generation Z and, as we have seen, millennials.

Sustainability always at the TOP

The most recurrent themes on TikTok and the most popular ones are very diverse and are found in this way:

  • Personal hygiene
  • Fashion and jewellery
  • Beauty products
  • Food and beverages (non-alcoholic)
  • Cleaning
  • Office supplies

But what do all these issues have in common? The answer is simple: its ethical character. In 2021, sustainability is one of the most important factors for consumers. Ethical, environmentally responsible and transparent brands are sought after.

Consuming brands that use sustainable materials, are free of animal cruelty, are committed to the environment and social causes, and take responsible actions is a latent concern for Generation Z. That’s why brands must engage with their new audience in order to make a real impact through TikTok campaigns.

Now is the time to dive in and take advantage of TikTok to connect with your new consumers, offer them your products in an innovative and responsible way and see what impact your brand can have.

At Grupo WDi can think of a couple of things that might attract attention, and no, they are not dances. However, this is a secret that we can only reveal if you contact us.

We would also like to take this opportunity to tell you that we have joined the TikTok team and we have created an accountwhere you can follow us.

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