Publicado el 19/10/2021
Diseño, producción y montaje

It is time to talk about a great forgotten aspect when talking about marketing campaigns, which Grupo WDi consider one of its strong points: production and the mounting Being one of the essentials parts during a campaign, it’s usually taked for granted and relegated to the back of the closet, but, in reality, without good production and an optimus montage, even the best campaign can be completely diminished.

It’s completely fundamental having a design team that is able to understand the brand necessities and can design everything around them the ideal campaign, both strategically and visually. The design team it’s in charge of giving creative ideas on a realistic level, making sure that neither originality and creativity get lost on the way to the material

In Grupo WDi We have the best professionals, a real team of expert designers in production, who are in charge of designing your entire campaign piece by piece, so that they fit perfectly, do not move, are resistant, and can be easily assembled, without running the risk of falling.

But, now that it’s designed, what? We can’t assume that once every piece it’s already designed,our work it’s done

Design and production, a strong bond

Now it’s the time where the production team comes in. The production team it’s in charge of putting together the desing team ideas with the consumer, making them something physical, tangible. This production team, sometimes, it’s not part of the marketing agency, and can risk the fluidity of the campaign, producing pieces that don’t correspond to what was requested, and that don’t meet the deadlines; or even sometimes take certain creative licenses when producing.

This is due to a clear lack of communication between departments, and we all know that lack of communication it’s the first signal of a failed relationship. To make sure everything it’s working fine, communication within the accounts, design and production team it’s essential; something Grupo WDi is very clear about.

One of the most important thing og the agency search is integrity. When there is more than one interlocutor in the process of creating a campaign, information can get lost along the way. Having everything centralized in the same agency, which offers you all the design, production and editing services, is as important as it is necessary.

That’s why we have our own team of professionals, the best suppliers, the best quality materials and a production phase completely aligned with the objectives of the campaign. Perhaps the renderings that the design team shows to the client and, once approved, to the production team also have something to do with it. As you can see, a linear and perfect process, like the first Ford factories, which had different phases to efficiently mass-produce the different parts of the cars.

assembly plant

It’s time to become architects

After all the pieces of the campaign have been produced, they will have to be stored somewhere until they are released. Your marketing agency should take care of all the logistics behind this; that is, knowing where to store the pieces so that they are protected and cared for, and ready for when they are needed. Take care of where to store everything so that it is protected and cared for.

Well, at least that’s the ideal and what we at Grupo WDi do automatically. But we understand that not all agencies are concerned and they will let you take care of it.

What about getting the pieces from one place to another, whether it’s a shopping mall or a venue in the same community, or across the country? Again, it’s something that we at WDi Group take for granted, and that our assembly team does without us asking them to.

But if we go one step further, we come to the editing itself. The ”Handy Manny” moment. It’s as important as all the others, because it’s where many campaigns falter.

Something that seems as simple as arriving, placing and leaving is so important that it makes the difference between success and failure. Broken, misplaced, chipped pieces. Parts that fall off because they are wrongly placed or parts that have not been placed at all because who knows where they are? Or a perfect assembly down to the millimeter, but… it’s not where it should be. Yes, if you read it that way it seems crazy, but it happens, and it happens a lot.

And not only in the montage. Our team is also in charge of disassembly. Campaigns have a fixed duration and we cannot simply ignore the entire POS. Although it wouldn’t be the first time that we see pieces abandoned and thrown away without any kind of responsibility.

For Grupo WDi this is unacceptable, because we understand that the production and assembly is a fundamental part of the campaign. That’s why we have our own team of professionals who don’t miss a thing. There are no impossible dies, unusable spaces or intractable materials; there is always a way to exploit and a solution to discover.

So whether we’ve done the campaign with you from scratch, or you just need a production and editing team, we’re there for you. With Grupo WDi, the whole process counts.

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