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Promotor de ventas

Brands want to see their sales increase and gradually gain notoriety; however, in a world collapsed by advertising in different media, this can be a real challenge. Diversifying your strategy should be your priority in your next campaign, and adding differential value it’s the key to success But, what differential value are we discussing exactly?

Today we are going to talk about the promoter figure, and which benefits it has over actions with no promoter at all. Sometimes, a product can be incredible, but without an adecuate promotion, it relegated to the back of the shelf Point of sale promoter can be the push your action need to have that plus in sales and we are going to tell you how.

Demonstrations with Scotch brite promoter, 'No te rayes'.
Glass ceramic stand for Scotch-Brite’s ‘No te rayes’ campaign.

What exactly is a sales promoter?

Sales promoters are those people responsible for the action being carried out at the point of sale. They work for a brand, and as such, they are its representative. They are in charge of communicating the values of the brand, and specifically of the product, interacting with consumers during brand activations, promotions or any other campaign activity.

It is the difference between a human and warm treatment between brand and consumer; and a campaign exhibited as a museum, where all the interaction falls on the consumer, who sometimes can completely ignore the existence of the products. It’s no secret that everyone appreciates a human touch. In this way the advantages of the product and why adding it to our shopping cart is almost a necessity.

The ability to negotiate, convection and the charisma that a promoter has is an advantage at the point of sale, where brands struggle to be differentiated.

In addition, a promoter ensures that the campaign is always perfect, placing the products in an eye-catching and strategic way, and always providing the best treatment and image.

As if this were not enough, the sales promoter has a plus of analysis, both for the brand, making sure to know its strengths to exploit them and generate brand image; and for consumers, knowing the target audience and attacking them directly.

The sales promoter is just another part of the team, and his objectives are aligned with the brand, so promoting sales is his main priority.

What are the functions and advantages of a sales promoter?

As we have already said, the advantages are innumerable, but the main one, and the reason why you are here, is the increase in sales.

Their functions vary depending on the action, although the most outstanding one is the closing of sales thanks to their communication skills.

They are also responsible for the distribution of advertising material and free samples to attract the consumer’s attention.

Product presentation is almost your most important function, because while generating an increase in sales is important, creating brand image and generating a positive memory in the consumer’s mind is almost as important, and this is achieved with social capabilities that a campaign without a promoter does not have.

They also keep an eye on the competition, looking at the pricing, actions and tone of communication that other brands in the industry have, so that they can then communicate this to your brand and create stronger actions.

The tasks of sales promoters are broad and may vary depending on the type of action, product or brand, but it has become clear that it is a figure that is never superfluous and will only enhance your strategy.

Point-of-sale demonstrations with promoter for Scotch Brite
Stand en punto de venta para la campaña promocional ‘No te rayes’ para Scotch-Brite

The Scotch-Brite® case

On October 22 and 23, the Scotch-Brite brand carried out a brand activation with point-of-sale promoters to demonstrate its new product: the glass ceramic scourer.

This action was carried out simultaneously at 25 points of sale throughout Spain, where, in addition to the product demonstration, a tote bag with the claim ‘no te rayes’ (don’t scratch yourself) was given as a direct gift with the purchase of the product.

Sales promoter in a demonstration of Scotch Brite's 'No te Rayes'
Sales promoter in demonstration of Scotch-Brite’s ‘Don’t Scratch’ campaign

For this action we had a space of 1,5×1,5 m and we themed it with Scotch-Brite®. We placed a counter that simulated a kitchen, along with a sintasol imitating the kitchen floor. In addition, we designed and produced an information totem and a box pallet for the promotional gift. Sales promoters were in charge of testing the product so that consumers could see for themselves how it worked, explaining the advantages of this new scouring pad, and thus encouraging them to buy.

The promotional campaign was a success. The design of the plv was very attractive and impactful, thus increasing the curiosity of all the people who approached the stand about the product. They were amazed that it could work with just water, which the promoter demonstrated. The vast majority acknowledged that they wanted to try it. This is due to the closeness and trust that having a sales promoter provides, not only by demonstrating the product, but also by answering questions about the duration and effectiveness of the product.

This is the time to demonstrate the effectiveness of your products with a good point-of-sale promoter; as we always say, ‘for a sample, a button’. And, in this case, we’re the kings of stitching.

At Grupo WDiwe want to help you create that point-of-sale action you’ve been thinking about for so long. Just contact us! You already know that we are the expert trade marketing agency at the point of sale. Just give us the briefing, we’ll do the rest…

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