Publicado el 29/06/2021
importance of event localisation according to WDi Group

Grupo WDia bets on the good location of events to make a difference.

Organisation, implementation and planning are the gears that make the clock tick. But if we also choose the ideal setting for the location of events, our guests will have the best framework to remember what they experienced there.

We now review some of the most emblematic and unique places where Grupo WDi has organised the most special events for its clients.

La Fortalesa – Girona

Just 10 kilometres from Girona, we find this colossus of military architecture. With a perimeter of 660 metres, it is the only example in Catalonia of the fortifications of the period.

event location, WDi Group

La Fortalesa was the venue for theNestlé Group’s “Grown with Respect” event. A private event aimed at the brand’s distributors through the hotel channel. Various workshops and tastings of the new products took place in this unique environment. In addition, they were able to enjoy a meal at the DOR Museum restaurant, which has the executive seal of chef Jordi Cruz. The choice of this strength, as well as the planning of the agenda of activities, was one of the key factors for the success of the event.

event location, WDi

La Contraseña – Madrid

At WDi Group we know how to spot trends and adapt to them. For this reason, in the summer of 2017 we opted for the Ponzanoneighbourhood, which has become a reference point in Madrid for places to dine and start the party. La Contraseñanos offered a unique, cosmopolitan and welcoming space; ideal for the event that the search engine Bingnos commissioned.

event localisation for Bing, WDi Group

We personalise the environment with the brand image to offer the best party of the summer to the attendees. Activities, raffles, music, drinks and a photocall rounded off a unique evening. The location of the event was tailor-made for the brand.

event localisation for Bing, WDi Group

Milk Studio – Madrid

The brand of hooks Command trusted us to carry out a Christmas workshop with influencers. An event with so much creativity to show needed such a unique space as Milk Studio.

event localisation for Command, WDi Group

This space is presented as a blank sheet of paper that you can use to personalise with the needs of each client; an aspect that we take advantage of to give life and colour to the space using the brand’s products.

The brightness of the place invited people to focus on what really mattered, which was the realisation of the chosen craft.

Colours and spacing for an event location are crucial as they will influence user behaviour.

event localisation for Command, WDi Group

The Magic Forest – Madrid

At WDi Group we know our clients’ products perfectly, which favours the right choice of location. This was the case with the launch of the Enchantimals dolls from the Mattel toy brand. These dolls represent a group of friends accompanied by their zoomorphic alter egos.

Enchantimals event by WDi

We knew that the best place to hold the presentation was The Magic Forest.

This playground of more than 1,100 square metres is decorated as if it were a real forest. The best place to house the Enchantimals.

The children and adults in attendance enjoyed a fantastic afternoon getting to know this new line of toys.

When it comes to children, the localisation of events becomes even more important.

Enchantimals event by WDi

These cases are just a sample of what the WDi Group can do for your brand. Do you have an idea in mind for your event? We help you to make it happen and to achieve an unforgettable experience.

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