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Organisation of corporate events - brand experience

Business events, new types of events and their adaptation to the current situation

Adaptation is the key to being able to cope with change at any level, which is why companies have had to adapt to new types of events in order to be able to continue networking and everything that comes within the context of physically interacting with other people outside the company.

If you are in this situation and don’t quite know how to organise your business events for Covid-19, here is a list of the types of events that will be the main ones in 2021.

Current types of business events.

  • Online events: This type of event is characterised by the fact that it is entirely virtual. You broadcast from your office, from your home or from any quiet place where you can communicate without any problems.
  • Hybrid events: In this type of event we enter both the online and offline worlds. In a place where you can hold an event or a meeting, together with a limited number of people, always in compliance with the regulations, and at the same time it is broadcast online.
  • Face-to-face events: These are the events that have always been held, where direct contact with the attendees makes networking much more powerful. Unfortunately this particular type of event is not possible until further notice, it is probably the most effective in terms of personal interaction but is the most limited in terms of reach.

Advantage of online events

  • Saving on facilities, no need to rent space for the event
  • You reach more people as anyone who has the link or watches the video of the broadcast can get in.
  • You are not limited to a physical space
  • You can stream videos via Linkedin, YouTube or create a landing page to lead them to watch your video.
  • You can create a database and do remarketing, in case you have done it right and have tracked the attendees in some way.

Advantage of hybrid events

  • You can do personal networking, by having an assistant you can interact more closely with them and create a more powerful bond.
  • They are well regarded as they comply with security protocols, you can interact with like-minded assistants and you can interact, less directly, with people online.
  • Streaming video becomes more interactive because when people are on site, communication is more fluid and you are not just talking to a screen.
  • You can create a database and do remarketing, in case you have done it right and have tracked the attendees in some way.

Advantage of face-to-face events

  • The biggest advantage of these types of events is the direct connection with your attendees.
  • Networking between attendees is also a vital part of events, just as it generates interest to go to the talk, it is just as important for attendees to network with each other.

Get more out of your corporate events

Creating any of the types of events that we have shown you is very good, but you have to look beyond that, it is not only about giving a talk and meeting like-minded people, we are going to show you some examples of how to squeeze a business event and make a good strategy.

  • A good way to create a database of interested people is to make an entry form, with their name and email address is enough.
  • Once you have their email address, you can send them personalised messages (email marketing). You can also send the link to the video by email and track it, this way you can perform remarketing through Facebook if you have installed the pixel or through Google, seeing who has clicked on the link.
  • In case you have a landing page created for the video, the system would be the same as above, thanks to the link you know who has clicked and who has not. You create a cookie notice and data protection to be able to personalise targeted advertisements.

It is always good to create your own database and depending on your strategy you can use this data in one way or another, as this information is useful and valuable.

You can focus your strategy on remarketing, branding… the important thing is to know that you can take advantage of any type of event regardless of the strategy you are implementing in your company.

Are the types of events complicated for you? No matter how busy we get

At WDi Group we have given you a basic understanding of how it works and what you can do.

But if you are really interested in being successful, you have to do it with people who are in the business and have success stories among their clients.

If you are not afraid of success and you know that to achieve great things you have to work with great people, WDi is the place for you.

We can make your life easier with the types of events available. Do not hesitate and contact us, we are waiting for you!


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