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Telework and the current situation

At Grupo WDi we are one of the many Spanish companies that have decided to continue working from home and implement teleworking. We already practised this every Friday, so the step towards doing this work on a daily basis was easy in our case.

10% of the European population telework. Spain is well below this average, with only 3% teleworking (rising to 4% if we count those who telework on occasion).

How can we improve remote working?

  • Messaging applications

At a time when your colleagues are not at the next table, these applications are essential for good communication between the whole team. When you think about it, Skype is the application par excellence, but there are other alternatives.

At Grupo WDi we useHibox, an application which, in addition to internal chat and video calls, has a complete task manager. We recommend that you create different groups for each project so that communication is more effective and reaches only the people in charge of the project.

  • Working in the cloud/server

Depending on the means of each company, the ideal is to be able to have all your files available from the cloud or a server. A place where your entire company can access and make use of the different files.

Companies such as Microsoft or Cisco have announced these days how they are going to offer free technology for 6 months to facilitate teleworking especially among all those SMEs that need it. In this way, Microsoft offers access to Microsoft Teams free of charge for 6 months.

  • General advice

Although there has been little else on the agenda these days, it is important to remember the general tips for making teleworking as effective as possible.

Things like not staying in your pyjamas, setting yourself a timetable, differentiating your leisure space at home from your work space, not eating in front of the computer… Little things of common sense that we often forget when we sit down in front of the laptop.

We are still at home to continue offering you the best. Shall we video call each other?

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