Publicado el 29/06/2021
The 5 senses applied to marketing

5 keys to a successful brand experience

Creating good memories through emotions. That is brand experience. Because it is no longer enough for your customers to know you. The intention is to be loved. To become a Love Brand where the image you project ultimately acquires the same or even more value than that of your product.

At Grupo WDi we know how to achieve this, so today we bring you 5 keys for your Brand Experience to succeed. How? Through the 5 senses. Through sensory marketing.


The sense that never rests. Other senses, such as taste, depend on it, as without it we would not be able to perceive flavours. How about highlighting your product through an olfactory and/or taste tasting? You can also opt for a floral decoration for your events, which, as well as giving a touch of spring, will fill the room with a fresh and natural aroma.


They say that you can win a person over through the stomach. Why not do the same for clients? Either through traditional actions such as in-store product tastings, or through new forms of marketing such as showcookings. And if your product is not related to the world of food, you can always accompany it with good catering or candy bars.


Sight is the costume in which our action is presented. It is important to take care of every visual detail, and to place special emphasis on the use of audiovisuals. But why not play with sightlessness to surprise people? Create experiences in which this temporary blindness is conducive to other senses, such as taste or touch.


It’s time to renew your image. How about starting with the packaging? Dare with original and exclusive packaging where materials play a key role. Soft, furry, rough fabrics… Keep in mind that for blind people, the sense of touch often becomes their sense of sight.


How many songs remind you of a specific moment in your life? First love, a break-up, a concert… Live music can be the perfect way to bring about these emotions among your clients and attendees at an event. Want to be more groundbreaking? Try different activities such as karaoke or group lessons for beginners. Do you dare?

Count on Grupo WDi to apply sensory marketing to your Brand experience, and touch the sky with us.

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