Publicado el 06/09/2021

At this point, the hotel and catering sector has only hit rock bottom to pick up momentum, and 2021 is the starting point. Although the first months of the year for the HORECA channel have been affected by the situation, the coming months are expected to be positive.

During the first months of 2021, the outlook was still negative. Considering the revenues during the same dates in 2020, it was clear that there was a significant difference. However, it is not fair to compare pre- and post-covid data.

Since April there has been a rise in the sector’s revenues which, compared to 2019, does not seem to be as pessimistic as we expected.

The time is now

The end of the state of emergency is a decisive factor in the hotel and catering sector, as not having a closing time means more time for consumer consumption and leisure and a recovery in the sector.

This 2021 represents a slowdown in the decline of the foodservice sector, placing it back in the top 10 sectors, which makes it the perfect time to carry out marketing actions in the Horeca channel that continue to promote the revival of the sector.

Incentivising the consumption of products at mealtimes at gatherings of friends, families and even business meetings will lead to an increase in sales. It is about connecting with the consumer at the moment when they feel most comfortable, calm and confident. In this way, the memory you will keep will be of the experience you had with the brand while you were with your friends.

Spain, land of sun and terraces.

Let’s not fool ourselves,we Spaniards are very Spanish, and we like to be on the terraces, with our friends, with one cheek burning because the sun hits only one side of our face. And the truth is that we are not the only ones who like it, it is one of the things that most attracts tourists to Spain.

It is therefore the perfect time to take advantage of it and carry out on-trade marketing actions. Reinventing the supply and consumption chain will be key this summer to activate the Horeca channel. The consumer is now smart, looking for new and disruptive solutions, and is constantly transforming.

Faced with a consumer who is looking for quality, who is informed and cares about what he or she buys and consumes, actions must be innovative and interesting. They have to generate mobility to be able to reactivate explosively.

Given the country’s taste for bars and meetings, actions such as tastings in restaurants, small performances such as live music or monologues will make a difference in the restaurant industry.

Other activations in the Horeca channel that consumers enjoy are games, on-the-spot contests that promote more time in the establishment and thus more consumption. Drawings such as scratch cards or gymkhanas in open spaces create an unforgettable experience.

Theming of spaces is usually a safe bet when it comes to on-trade marketing, but in the Horeca channel it plays a very important role. Making the consumer feel integrated with the environment is fundamental for them to want to consume your products, so creating an interactive, attractive and unique space is key. Actions such as a photo call, a space inspired by the beach, or an exclusive decoration will create a sense of relaxation that will make your consumers interact with your brand.

Take advantage of trends.

We can remain stuck in the same actions that have been done so far, but 2020 marked a before and after in the way we understand the world. It is time to adapt and take advantage of what consumers themselves are demanding and implement it in our trade marketing actions.

Position yourself as a quality product. The staff who present your product in hotels and restaurants are the link between your product and your consumer. Well-trained staff will ensure that your consumers have the right image of your product.

Eye-catching actions. As we have said before, it is never a mistake to create events such as concerts or tastings, but you can go one step further. Organise on-site raffles, offer merchandising of your product at the time of consumption or reimagine your product and offer different packaging for the different actions you carry out. There is no better time than this summer to experiment.

It offers digital experiences. Create social media campaigns that engage your consumers on the spot. Digital letters are here to stay, take advantage of them to offer promotions.

At Grupo WDiwe have a thousand ideas that can help you boost your brand in the hotel and catering sector. We know that this summer is going to be a turning point and we want to be the first to be there to see it.

We have several ideas, but if you come up with some different ones, we are more than happy to hear from you. As we have said before, Spain is a country of sun and terrace and nothing can take that away from us.

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