Publicado el 30/06/2021
Briefing and the origin of a project

When approaching a new project (of any kind) it is crucial to know what we want and to know how to explain it well… it is crucial to have a briefing.

A project starts with a briefing, but what is a briefing?

As we have already said, it is the starting point, a document provided by the client in which the most relevant information for the development of the project and the elaboration of the strategy to be followed is collected:

  • The situation of the company
  • The objectives that have been set
  • What they expect from the agency
  • Budget limits
  • Brand strategy
  • The target, the competition
  • Expectations
  • The dates
  • All explained clearly and concisely… Almost nothing!

In the case of marketing agencies, it is with each new briefing that the agency-client relationship begins, which is why the definition of this document is so important.

The role of the agency should not only be to receive the briefing but also to guide and assist the client in the writing of the briefing, emphasising the data that it considers necessary (thanks to its experience in previous projects) for the campaign to be successful.

Keys to a good briefing

For all these reasons, it is clear that the more complete the information provided in the briefing, the better and more accurate the results obtained will be.

If with the briefing the agency gets to know the company, its philosophy, its wishes… it will be able to prepare strategies with which to achieve the objectives set.

This is not to say that a briefing should be a long document full of boring facts and figures… not at all, but rather that a good briefing should be brief, concrete and to the point.

And this is often where the difficulty of drafting it lies: in a few words, the client must be able to summarise what the company wants to achieve: the what, the how, the when, the why and the what for.

Obviously the type of briefing will vary from client to client, but the agency involved is generally always looking for the same thing: to understand what they are being asked to do.

With our experience, we can and do assure you that the brief is the main element of a project: it conditions the strategy to be followed, gives rise to the design, and serves to analyse the results obtained.

A briefing is more than just an informative document, the greater the involvement of both parties (client and agency) the better the final results will be.

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