Seasonal campaigns and their advantages in the retail sector
Publicado el 30/11/2021
Campaña estacional por 60 aniversario Scotch

Maybe the key to your marketing campaigns at the point of sale is much closer than you thought and you had not stopped to think about it. But what causes more impact than these special holiday promotional campaigns? Seasonal campaigns, of course!

This type of marketing campaigns are campaigns that are specifically designed for holidays, both in Trade and Brand Experience. Differentiation at the point of sale is one of the biggest challenges for brands, especially when it comes to special dates such as Christmas or summer. However, there are different dates spread throughout the year that are being missed. Today we tell you how to use them to your advantage and gain visibility.

Average purchase ticket increases by 12% at Christmas time

Seasonal Trade Marketing campaigns are those that are temporary in nature. In other words, they are carried out for and for a specific period and have a short and defined duration. To do so, it is important to create a calendar and plan which days are interesting for our brand. We will then organize our strategy around this planning.

In the retail sector, special dates tend to coincide with higher consumer traffic at points of sale. Reinforcing your strategy during these days can be key to an increase in sales, with the average purchase ticket increasing by 12% during Christmas, according to Nielsen, and by 58% on digital platforms last year.

This type of promotional campaigns are planned many months in advance, and there are several brands that exploit days such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, or Easter Day; dates that, by the way, are not so far away.

Consumers consider these dates as important days to give gifts to their loved ones, so sales on these days are significantly higher. In addition, running a point-of-sale campaign, or organizing an event, can mean the difference between a consumer deciding not to buy or ”giving in to temptation”.

Scotch Brite Christmas Elves Seasonal Campaign
Scotch’s ‘Scotch Elves’ Christmas campaign

It is also the perfect opportunity to create Brand Experience campaigns, which do not necessarily mean a direct purchase, but a reinforcement of the brand in the consumer’s mind. The organization of events around special days, such as Pride, can position us as a positive reminder for the consumer.

Street Marketing. Brand Experience. Scotch-Brite Gay Pride Float
Scotch-Brite ‘Wash Your Prejudices’ campaign for El Orgullo

Black Friday, a new friend that is here to stay

One of the most important dates that has been dragging these last years is Black Friday, where every day more brands and stores join to create campaigns with great discounts that make the difference between capturing a new consumer or go unnoticed for him.

As we said in the blog about themed spaces for Christmas campaigns, this 2021 Christmas shopping starts much earlier than expected, and that is coupled with the sales that many brands offer onBlack Friday, making it a perfect date to buy Christmasgifts.

Creating a promotional campaign that generates a direct impact on the consumer will reinforce their memory of the brand, making them choose you over the competition. On the other hand, there may be a situation where the consumer does not think that he or she needs to give a gift. However, seeing a creative, eye-catching and fully structured point-of-sale marketing campaign generates a memory in their memory that plants the seed, and they may later consider buying your product online.

How to create the perfect calendar for my seasonal campaigns?

Making a calendar of dates so that you can keep track of what holidays there are throughout the year is the first step in creating a proper planning strategy. This way we can choose which dates are interesting for our brand or how to use them to our advantage in product promotions or point-of-sale activations.

Once we know which holidays we want to commemorate with a temporary campaign, we need to know how we want to approach it. In this way it will be possible to design in advance and have a margin of error in case we want to make changes.

It must be taken into account that temporary campaigns do not have to be on specific days such as Father’s Day or Christmas Eve. There are times of the year that are anticipated and that some brands may want to take into account in this planning.

Scotch Brite 60th Anniversary Seasonal Campaign 'I Can't Do Without It'.
Scotch-Brite 60th Anniversary ‘I Can’t Do Without Her’ Campaign

For example, school supplies and food brands will be particularly interested in August and September with the back-to-school season, while jewelry and perfume brands will pay more attention in February and Valentine’s Day campaigns.

Beauty brands can create year-round campaigns. For example, to take care of your skin in summer with a beautiful tan, or to dazzle everyone with a perfect make-up for the upcoming dates.

Fast food brands can take advantage of less conventional and more youth-targeted days, such as World Pizza Day.

The occasions are multiple and diverse and there is always an opportunity waiting for your brand. It’s time for you to venture into creating a point-of-sale strategy for seasonal campaigns, and we want to embark on that adventure with you.

Grupo WDiis recognized for its infallible campaigns when it comes to reaching consumers on important dates such as holidays. We have some success stories that you can see in our portfolioif you want to see other work before contacting us for your next Point of Sale Marketing campaign.

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