Publicado el 29/06/2021
Miriam López, jury of the 10th Agripina Awards, WDi Group

This year the Agripina Awardsare 10 years old and celebrate their most special edition. No, they will not be held in Malaga or Seville. Where then? Surprise!

The Agripina Awards (Spanish Advertising, Marketing and Communication Festival) are celebrating their 10th anniversary this year and to celebrate in style and to comply with current restrictions, they have decided to go all out. And no, this year it will be neither in Malaga nor in Seville. No way! For the occasion, they have decided to celebrate on… on an ISLAND. What do you mean, on an island?

Yes, yes. How do you stay? They will be held this year for the first time in a virtual environment, with an island as the chosen location. A virtual island! (OMG). The gala will be held in a month’s time, on Thursday 26 November, and attendees will be able to create their own avatar to explore the island, network and attend the awards ceremony to meet the winners of the 10th edition.

WDi among the jury members

Miriam López, Associate Partner at WDi Group, will be one of the jury members of this year’s Agripina Awards. What better occasion than Agrippina’s 10th birthday?

The rest of the jury is made up of: Domingo Montaño (professor of graphic design and advertising), Idamor Fernández (creativity and brand strategy consultant), Carmen Vargas (head of communication, events and initiatives at Everis Living Lab), Carlos Pion(brand identity and positioning consultant) and Conchita Endrino (producer and partner of Dex Media Producciones).

As a jury, they had to evaluate more than 200 submitted campaigns. Not an easy job when there is so much talent within the Spanish advertising cast.

Miriam López, Agripina Awards judge
Miriam López, Associate Partner at WDi Group

The Agripina X Awards Gala

The gala will be attended by more than 900 guests and 60 virtual stands where they will be able to meet the different partner agencies and brands.

A total of 35 awards will be presented in different categories (direct marketing, promotional marketing, events or social media, among many others).

A total of 223 advertising pieces have been submitted, which you can see in the complete search engine that has been created on the Festival‘s website by clicking here.

WDi Group is now part of Agripina Awards history

This year we are participating in the Festival as a jury for the Agripina Awards, but Grupo WDi cuenta already has to its credit with 2 Agripina Prizes, obtained at the VII edition held in the year 2017, thanks to two campaigns carried out for 3M in the categories of Best Street Marketing Campaign and Best Brand Experience Humour Campaign. Do you want to know more about them? Find out in the blog postwhere we talk about the event.

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