Publicado el 30/06/2021
Brand experience - seducing new consumers

The importance of reaching new consumers and the magic of brand experiences

Sometimes brands are faced with the need to attract a new target group.

This may be due to many different causes, such as the advances in our society that change our habits, the appearance of new ways of thinking and understanding the world, the appearance of new needs…

One of the most effective ways to attract new potential customers to your brand and encourage engagement is by offering them an experience and not just a product.

At Grupo WDi we know this, and there are many clients who trust us for the design and development of brand experiences.

But what exactly are Brand Experiences all about?

Perhaps the best way to define it would almost be its literal translation into Spanish: Vivir una experiencia de marca.

In these experiences, emotions and feelings must coexist in order to make the person involved feel like the main protagonist, creating a deep and lasting bond with him/her.

At WDi Group we believe that every brand experience should make consumers feel butterflies.

To this end, we cultivate and promote their interaction with brands through experiences that cause a real crush, that leave a good taste in the mouth and that end up being the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

The Scotch-Brite® case

To give an example of a project carried out by the WDi Group in this field, we can highlight two marketing actions that were designed and developed for Scotch-Brite® (a 3M brand): “Wash your account” and “Enjoy what really matters”:

Scotch-Brite® has set out to reach out to young people.

To achieve this objective, we believe that the best way to approach a young target is in a fun and original way, generating in them a funny memory that will last in their memory.

For this reason, the first marketing action we carried out was “Wash your account”.

A super fun project in which we “tricked” a few innocent people who thought they were going to enjoy a quiet dinner but when it was time to pay the bill… Surprise! Scotch-Brite® offered them an alternative: Wash your dishes, and we’ll pick up the bill.

All those involved accepted the innovative proposal and had a fun time “washing their account”.

The importance of reaching out to new people and the magic of brand experiences

To close the year, Scotch-Brite® wanted to be present in the homes of young people.

To this end, we designed some very Christmassy boxes that we sent to different people which included samples of their star products and a few surprises so that at Christmas everyone can enjoy what really matters.

The importance of reaching out to new people and the magic of brand experiences

With these two brand experiences Scotch-Brite® has been able to reach a new targetgroup, having fun brand experiences with them and building new bonds and relationships.

In this way, they are introducing new and friendly aspects of their brand to a new target group: young people.

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