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Brand experience - integrated marketing campaigns

Last Christmas 2018, Grupo WDi was in charge of the 360° marketing campaign for Scotch, the stationery company belonging to the 3M group.

Under the claim “Experts in gift wrapping”, a 360º marketing campaign was developed for Scotch in which the main objective was to promote its adhesive tapes. The comprehensive plan was developed in both ON and OFF channels.

Actions carried out:

The contest “Win a trip to Lapland”.

Through a landing page created for the occasion, people could register the purchase of 2 Scotch products from the stationery section to enter the draw for a trip to Lapland for 4 people.

The page obtained more than 1300 visits and the city with the highest participation rate was Madrid. Thanks to the sales data collected by 3M, it was found that sales of adhesive tapes increased by 12.4% in the Xmas 2018 campaign compared to the data from the Xmas 2017 campaign.

This is all the more striking when we see that the number of in-store displays fell year-on-year from 337 to 130 (a decrease of 61.4%).

Action as part of a 360° campaign
WDi Group success story with 360° marketing campaign

Point-of-sale signage

Stoppers, signage, displays, clip strips… We design and produce different types of point-of-sale materials to suit the needs of each retailer and the spaces available in them. In all communications the aspirational draw for the trip to Lapland was announced.

WDi 360° Marketing with Scotch Tapes

Bus advertising

We put 3 buses of the municipal transport network of Madrid on a vinyl to publicise this action and redirect traffic to the landing. To carry out this street marketing action, the lines that passed through the main shopping areas of the capital were chosen. The customised buses started running on Black Friday, which is typically associated with the start of the Christmas shopping season. According to estimates, more than 16 million were reached by this campaign.

sample 360° marketing campaign

Radio spots

The comprehensive plan for Scotch also included the production of radio spots. In this piece, elves could be heard wrapping presents in Santa’s workshop, and listeners were invited to participate in the contest. More than 1,300 spots were broadcast nationwide on Cadena Dial and Los 40. The times when parents drive to drop off and pick up their children from school were chosen for the broadcast. The spots ran for 20 days in 35 cities and reached more than 42,000 listeners.

Distribution of merchandising in cinema

On the occasion of the premiere last Christmas of the film The Grinch, we personalised a space with the images of Scotch’s elves in the main hall of the Cinesa Herón Las Rozas cinemas, which has a monthly attendance of more than 75,000 people. Two promoters handed out merchandising encouraging participation in the competition. In the bag the children could find a letter, an envelope and a pen and eraser to write their wish letter to Father Christmas.

Scotch marketing campaign

Through the 360º marketing campaign we managed to increase sales, gain visibility, educate in the use of the products and strengthen the brand image. Are you ready to get the comprehensive plan your brand needs?

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