Publicado el 30/06/2021
Brand experience - lava tu cuenta Scotch-Brite

Creativity, originality and a hidden camera to reach the public

If there’s one thing we’re really passionate about at WDi Group, it’s spending time developing fun and engaging projects for brands to help them achieve their goals, and this time it was a hidden camera.

And, of course, we are also delighted that our clients know this and trust us to carry out their projects.

Precisely as a result of this trust, we received a very powerful briefing with many possibilities from Scotch Brite (one of 3M’s commercial brands), which once again put itself in our hands to surprise the public. And so, dear friends,Wash Your Bill was born.

Before we reveal the surprise… we leave you the video so that everyone who wants to enjoy a little bit of this fun marketing action:


People didn’t know it, but in several restaurants in Madrid something was going on…

Our cameras and microphones were already strategically placed, the waiters (accomplices) ready and in place, the decorative elements in place, the wardrobe prepared…

People were beginning to fill the premises for what they thought would be “just another dinner” but when it came time to ask for the bill…

¡Oh! Surprise! Our dear guests received a curious Scotch Britescouring pad with a rather peculiar message: Don’t want to pay the bill? Wash the dishes.

After a brief moment of “shock” came the laughter, the “you wash, you wash”, the “I can’t believe it”, the “is this real?

And finally everyone dared to take the plunge and “scrub their account” in front of our cameras.

The result was really funny: the poor “dupes” were decked out in their hats, aprons and gloves and polished the crockery amid laughter and jokes.

And, obviously, they won their free dinner.

As you will have been able to see, it was a super fun action with great repercussions that left no one indifferent.

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